I am a very pretty girl but with a not so ok mind. I love singing very much. I love my new haircut. I am working hard on wanting to always be a teacher specializing in Biology. I love biology . I was reading my biology O levels book just a while ago.
Ineedtobeinheavenbynow Ineedtobeinheavenbynow
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Thank is wonderful that you like biology and that you want to be a teacher. I too love to sing. I have been told I have a good voice. Wrote a story about it on EP. I also wrote some Christian based stories that may encourage you.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Love u . i hope i can start getting ok with GOD and Jesus once again . Cause all the bad thoughts.

They will help you w/all your bad thoughts. TRUST them for they ARE
trustworthy! :) Nothing is impossible for our God!!!!! There is absolutely nothing that is too big or too insignificant for our God to handle! That is promise out of the Bible!!!! God is not a man He should lie. He keeps His promises! You are very precious to Him. God bless!

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