it took me many years to find out wht type of relationship is the best.
it is not what many might think, at least not for me.
i prefere the relationship where i can take the lead, where i can decide, where i care for my woman.
i want a Kind of woman who enjoys it to rely on her man, to give him control, to follow his decisions.
is this discrimination of the woman?
not in my eyes, not as Long as the woman decides to accept and live this life.
but love, trust and honesty are also playing a Major role in what i understand as the ideal relationship.
to bring it to the Point: i want to care for my woman, in any Situation and any aspect.
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beautiful, loving this perfect for a submissive

I believe this is what every woman wants from her man.

thanks, but sadly, most women seem not to know what they want..........

Maybe it differs from a culture to an other. The normal thing is the man is the one responsible for his family, but some men can't carry this responsibility.

it definitely differs between cultures, that is true. I think men who WANT to carry such responsibility are in the minority...

Goggle taken in hand I think it sound wonderful

for that you desrve an african cos we are totally submissive no faminism at all and we always want a man who is controlling of cours love should influence more

What is the problem then???