The Beginning

Once in the beginning there was one. Then there was two. Then there was more. However, why is this? Then feelings came and expressions and all were learnt through the DNA as well as others around. Things were told to others that produced anger and emotionless actions of hate and destruction. However, for all bad there is good. Therefore, there were those that were created to look over. To maintain. To come back once dead to never stop what was started. To complete a series of events that spans the entire length of time on this planet. They can never stop. They never sleep. Never stopping. Not only does the soul come back. However, they were created at the same time. 12 of us. Alternatively, 13. I am unsure of the exact number. Souls that never leave. That becomes so great they become linked to this planet and never leave once dead. Instead, join a fetus as their subconscious to help guide the little one on their life's journey.  They had powers in previous lives. In addition, they show the child pictures at first of possible power to help that one accel and try to achieve those goals. However, in some cases it is not fast enough. The subconscious wall was cracked. Letting out some of the power into the normal mind. The part that use to use 5% now used six... then 7 then 10... Then 12%. Slowly moving up. It needs to control the full 100% and unlock everything. Such a thing has never been done before though. Even though the lives before were powerful they never realized what was going on. I realized what would happen when I was five. In addition, I could not handle it. It was excessively powerful. Even then. The same energy is here now. In addition, it grows as I grow. In addition, it helps as I grow. Telling me pictures. Helping me notice things. Suggesting that I need to work on things. Like higher sight. I worked on that. Now I have far sight. Tougher skin. Tough me now to use my hands in a way they cannot be cut. Stronger muscles. Different styles of exercises to maximize muscle mass. Mathematics. Never tried calculus before. Then I did in college and tough the teacher (Dr.) how to do much more advanced calculus. I love it. It is a new language to me now. I wanted to learn a new language. Suddenly as if it was over night, I could read French. In addition, parts of Spanish. Mind you, they are similar. Then I went one-step further and made my own language. Version 1 is readable. I will write a story with it one day. Version 2 is unreadable and a Challenger anyone to read it. The subconscious can read those one. But not V3 or V4. When I make the first version of anything, I make ten others. Well this is all for now. Hands are getting tired I wrote this without stopping.

Ask questions on anything here I love answering them.

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3 Responses Nov 25, 2011

Love this !

"To complete a series of events that spans the entire length of time on this planet."
Makes everything seem like one moment.

I enjoyed reading your story :)

lol thanks! i totally forgot i wrote this! :p

everything is how you see it. its all about how you think of it that makes it what it is to you :) even time, space and matter.

any colors apparent in the one and then the two?