I Think Dogs Are Nicer Than People.

I truly do.
I've never been attacked by a dog without knowing the attack was coming. I've never had a dog lie to me, or promise its going to do this, that or the other n then not do it.
Following the loss of our last dog my girlfriend swore she would never allow us to have another pet. My kids and I both wanted to get another dog, but she refused our needy request.
One day while working I saw what I thought was a rat, but turned out to be a guinea pig which I managed to rescue, and we had for 4 years. We bought it a friend which outlived it, n so bought another one once the first one died. My partner is saying this is the last pet we will own. She cannot cope with the grief of loosing animals or people.
My kids still want a dog, but they aren't as desperate for one as I am. I walk a friends dog from time to time, and have a job which allows me to meet new dogs several times a day. I always make a fuss of any dog I see, which has started to annoy my daughter as she is now old enough to get embarrassed by dad walking up to strangers, and completely ignoring them while playing with and talking to their dog.
I used to carry dog treats - freely available through some online token site... can't remember the url, sorry - to give to dogs while working. but I forgot the site url, derrr me.
I feel like there is something missing, actually like a part of me is missing, in the same way that my finger is missing, and I know it is caused by not having the love and friendship of my own dog.
uglyoldmanc uglyoldmanc
46-50, M
Jul 14, 2013