are you willing to be my slave if you really interested just message me
mistressmegan001 mistressmegan001
26-30, F
11 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Yes mistress I am

Hello mistress

Add me please

I've tried to message you and add you to my circle
I hope to hear from you soon
What I've read has been extremely exciting

I would like to hear more

Yes I would enjoy this very much.

Would love to be your slave can I get an add I will do as you say

I'm interested

Hello Mistress Megan -

I would be so honored to serve you. I adore beautiful young Mistresses, and you are so gorgeous. I would love to kneel before you, and submit to you.

I enjoy cross dressing, and love it when women see me wearing slutty lingerie and panties. I adore G-strings and thongs, and love the humiliation I feel when a woman sees me getting hard in my panties as she calls me a sissy and threatens to peg me with a strap-on.

I hope to hear from you soon, Mistress.

Would love to be your alave


I can't message you but I would love to try it out my kik is spuntanious7330 and my skype is zedekerj