Are there any married men who would really submit to me, doing everything I ask?
Lynzee1998 Lynzee1998
18-21, F
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Yes Ma'am. I was once in a 3 year relationship where i was given no choice. It was so humiliating but i did it all..... just to see the thrill it gave her.

I will totally submit

I would like to

Add me. I'll submit to you

Yes ma'am. At your service madam.

Yes miss ;-)

yes me

Hi I'm Married and will submit to you.


I won't but I will for my gf you could help her

Im not married but id do anything you want

I'm not married, but would still submit

please miss i beg you to let me prove my worth

I have had experience in the past with a few mistresses and would be interested in listening to what you would request. :)

I would submit to you. And how would you like me to submit. Do you like to be worshiped? What part of your body? Are you a sadist? I can submit to pain. What do you like....?

Mag me please????


Cause I wanna chat

What about?

Things ;)

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Message me let's talk

probably, I don't have many limits. What might you ask?

Whyd you block me "little " Adamk? I guess you don't like being caught out when your lieing lol

are you a true Dominate? or in the learning curve... I am a Dom and have been for many yrs.. I have to say that you have the looks to be a great Domme..

I would love to be your slave

I love to submit you all day and night long