if you are willing to teas.. and really crave to serve me just message me cause i am looking for a good slave!!
mistressghem mistressghem
26-30, F
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am submissive 47, and learning things of mistress....what i am learning of ******* and scary things.....is it torture on the guys? thanks

sounds like you want a living doll like i am fo rmy girlfriend; lately ihave beenher little ballerina doll for her ad her best friend

Would love to be your slave to serve obey and worship.

Add me and I will serve you

I would love to hear more

Very well, we will see if your for real.

please consider me o great goddess

I would love to serve you Mistress. I think it would be an amazing experience to submit to a strong, beautiful woman such as yourself. I just melt when I am given commands by a dominant woman. I believe that my place is at a woman's feet, ready to serve her.

I hope to have the opportunity to chat with you, Mistress!