A Strange Dream I Keeping Having

i keep having this dream that me and my favortie zelda characters are on a roller coaster, where you have to hold on to stingrays. well, me and midna and link had jumped, were in the water and i'm talking to midna, when something grabs me and pulls me underwater. link saves me, and a beautiful mermaid is laughing. she apologizes, saying she had wanted to play. after i leave the emrmaid's home, aphrodite appears. she is covered in scars, which is strange. she tells me to stay away from the mermaid. obviously, the mermaid comes out and sees aphrodite. she hates her, mocking her, calling her names. suddeny, im turned into a mermaid, and im beside the other mermaid. i can not see aprhodite anymore. what does this mean? can anyone help me? im a lil freake dout to see the beautiful greek goddes of love covered in scars.
atheistlezbain atheistlezbain
Mar 12, 2013