Dream, a very mystical thing. Yesterday I dream something weird and I want to go back to it again. I was probably at my window in a hotel at the beach or beside a lake or something. I was watching the sun was getting dark, like the solar eclipse. So i was waiting the sun to be fully eaten. It was making me a weird kind of horny. the lust of darkness was covering the surroundings and suddenly I heard a strange sound of hitting something to the sand. I looked at the ground and found a couple. So they dropped form the upper floor to the ground and no harm happened. Suddenly I found myself in front of them and asking, why do you want to suicide? they were irritated and told me its our wish. The guy was heavily built and the girl was little skinny but beautiful. She looked at me and asked me why are you asking? Arn't you one of them who want us dead? I said, No cos you are more meaningful when you are alive. Then the guy asked me, OK man what do you want? we are going to the bridge to jump to the river. It was meaningless (may be because it was a dream). I said can you wait for 30 minutes please? They said, NO we don't have time. I started laughing and the girl said, go away man! I asked whats the hurry? Are you going to catch someone in the hell/heaven? She said, so seems like you have a lot of time?
I said, NO! I am also in a hurry but still waiting for decade for someone ! and then I requested them to wait for 30 minutes. May be I wanted to tell them my stories but donno know for some reason I came inside my room and i woke up. I wonder, are they still waiting for me? How long is 30 minutes in the dream? Am I also waiting for someone like them and passed a decade? What if the girl told me to wait for her in my dream, woke up like me and couldn't reach to me?
projectblack projectblack
31-35, M
Dec 26, 2013