I took a nap today which never happens but ok Me, my 3 kids, my boyfriend, my neighbor and her husband and 2 grandchildren was at a camp ground and ther was a house beside us that no one lived in but all the lights was on. So all the kids started playing in this house, they would go in it and climb out of a window then jump out of it. So somehow I won 2 inflatable tents and had 2 of my own so everyone slept 2 per tent besides the boys there was 3 of them. ok so i decided to go in the house and this lady went with me (i know her in real life but this was the only time she was in my dream) so we went inside and all of the lights was on the water was still on and everything worked. So this was a really big house it had like 3 or 4 storys. So we started walking though it and the living room had a fire place but it was on the floor and the fire came up out of these little vent things (it kinda looked like the top of a stove) and the kitchen was so big and pretty, so we kept walking through it and went up some stairs and there was a bedroom on the right that was really dark but you could see that everything that these people had when they lived in the house was still there. So we got to the very top floor and the end of the hallway was a slide but the slide was just carpet that you had to go down. So we went down it and it ended at the basement door but you could not go in the door because it was closed with boards and plastic but there was one little hole you could fit a hand though. I looked over to the right and there was a dog (in my dream it was mine) that was all brown and her name was dap, we kept calling her name but she wouldnt come to us she just stood there. Then i woke up
anyonehaveaclue anyonehaveaclue
31-35, F
Jul 29, 2014