My Dream.

Okay, last night I had this dream and I'm really confused and really want to know what it means. It could have to do with the fact that we are studying dreams in psychology. I just want to see if you guys could help out on finding out what this means. Here's my dream I only recall so much of it:

I walk out of class and I'm in the hallway and I'm talking to my friends and there's this guy (I know him I been going to school with him since 8th grade. Let's name him Zach. My friends and I use to stare at him in the 8th grade because we found him attractive. But then once we got to high school I didn't care for him as much. I talked to him a couple times and he's really nice way to much into sports may I add. And yeah he's not much of an influence to my life) and he smiles at me. I smile back and he says to me "I had a good time last night" while he says this to me in my head (in the dream) I instantly recall me being drunk (which is weird because I don't drink or have any intention on it) and losing my virginity to him. I then smile and say "me too" even though I regret it. My dream then smoothly shifts into me talking to this guy I have never met before in my life but in my dream I knew him. He's smiling at me and I have this connection to him I can't explain. He tells me "we should hang out again" and I told him that we should. Next thing I remember is I'm looking at pictures of our so call date and we are sitting in a movie theater. In one of the pictures he has his finger in my mouth and I remember him saying suck it. The next picture is then of me having my head on his shoulders and I'm sleeping. In all of the rest of the pictures I'm sleeping. I stop looking at the pictures and I look at him. He smiles and I suddenly have this urge to kiss him. But we don't. He then tells me he has to go. He walks away and I instantly miss him. I want him to come back and kiss me. I then wake up.

maddie95luv maddie95luv
22-25, F
Apr 13, 2013