Dream / Humming Birds

Last night i dreamed that I was walking with a girl in the wilderness along a stream... there was a clump of willosws that drooped down into the watter... the leaves in the watter were yellowing...on a branch in the water a little bird huddled and sslhivered... she asked " oh, what is that?" I got a stick and saved the bird... when it got near us it flittered into the trees... but it wa so tired... and it kept loosing height... and nearly went back into the water...it had not snowed yet but there were no flowers and it was cold. I tryed to save it from drownding even though it would starve... its mate flittered around trying to help but was unable to do any thing. I was saddend by the enevatability to change the out come. I told the girl they would be fine and to " come along now" ... knowing that I had simply prolonged the suffering... this dream saddened me.
41-45, M
2 Responses Jul 1, 2013

I wonder if this dream had to do with your feelings aboit your main relationship. Seems like a similar sense of inevitability about you someday giving up and leavong, moving on to let it reach the eventual outcome from the alcohol drowning any chance for survival.

It is hard to watch something or someone suffer. Yet as you said the outcome is inevitable. We can't usually change what will be. You have a big and compassionate heart. Most would have kept on going, it would have been no concern of theirs.