This dream is the most influential, and memorable dream I've ever had! It takes place with me being extremely young, most likely sixth grade, which would make me around eleven years old. The beginning is very simple..... So I wake up in the middle of the night ,(supposedly planned), and tip-toe down the stairs trying to avoid any creaky floor boards ( even in the dreams) I look over to the window and add an out side I can see myself looking at my grandmother's car.I see myself creep into her room to find her bulky, leather, black bag. I go over and start rummaging through the bag occasionally glancing up when objects in the bag clashed and made a louder-than-i-would-have-liked sound. I grin and look up one more time as I find what I was looking for..the keys. I take the keys and head outside towards the car, unlock it and get inside. I completely ignore the eyes of my neighbor who's eyes are always glued to her window, and look up to the red curtains unopened, untouched, disappointed in the lack of worry, but pleased in my clever and sly skills I start the car and drive off,I stop by Safeway, not because I need anything, just because I have a car and I can.Then I realize I HAVE a CAR I can go anywhere..I apparently decide to go to my friends houses and hang out with each and every one of the im, I do and the time at thier house is a blur but I drive home safely, put the keys back swiftly and creep upstairs steadily. That is what the dream consists of for the next couple of days. I go to to sleep expecting the same reacurring dream. I get the keys, get the car, go to Safeway..but when I go to my friends house she isnt there. I came in and started looking around,I was walking down her hallway and with my sly skills I crept a sneak into her room...but what I saw was so horrifying that I squealed and tried backwards on my own. I stumbled trying to get up, slipping on my shoes as I ran.I raced as fast as I could to the car and put the keys in.struggling to put the keys in I fail to realize him coming put with the same bloody axe he used to kill her, Michael Myers had just killed my best friend and now was after me, I managed to put the keys in the ignition and start the car but not before he busted the windshield. I hit the pedal and drove off add fast as I could, but no matter how fast I went I could still see him distantly in the mirror. I didn't know what to do or whether I should go back home so I went to my other friends house and it wad exactly the same scene but with Freddie, .. again..Scream..again..leprechaun, Chucky, grudge ..the monsters were endless and if that wasn't bad my car ends up breaking down,I get out and everyone is gathered in a huge mob of horrific monsters . Of course I start running!! I'm running, I'M RUNNING, more I'm no longer an on-looker I feel add if this is real life. I'm out of breathe, my throat is dry , and I can feel my heart through my ear drums, still running, still running, I feel like I'm not moving, not going any where, feels like forever but I actually break away and I'm running, running fast too, to fast too realize what's infront of me, I try to stop but as i do that I see the monsters getting closer, the sudden stop causes me to leap. Before I know it im falling off a cliff..falling so suddenly, the realism causes my heart to jump and wake me up gasping in shock in real life...the end.
Brighteyes47 Brighteyes47
Mar 10, 2014