This is my dream

I was running away from my father, who was killing innocent party guests by squashing them. I was with a girl outside on a balcony when he squashed her and that was the final straw. I accused him of this, (my actual words were "You're killing people in cold blood!) then ran away. It felt so good to run, and soon I was free. I first tried to take a taxi with a plane ticket I had to go somewhere (it was a ticket that I kept that could take me anywhere), the lady driving the taxi I felt like I had known all my life and she was nice (she looked old fashioned like Mary poppins and was wearing purple), but I realized the ticket I was carrying was a sign to her from my father that I wasn't supposed to be running away and I knew she was going to take me back. So I said I was sorry, opened the door and rolled out onto the street. She pulled over, said she was sorry, and gave me my stuff. To reach a place of safety, I had to go through forest levels and pass each one. Each level was taller than the last one and was a darker shade of green each time. There was the fifth level, the dark forest, which was purple and spiky and dark with a maze like structure and metal trap door walls (the whole feeling of the dark forest was metallic and mechanical in nature with an eerie purple emanating from within). Now the important thing here is that I had been through these forest levels before and I had made it through the dark forest, this is how I had the airport to get to on the other side (it was almost like a video game where, once you go somewhere first, you can "fast travel" to that location. But I remembered there was an airport I could fly to beyond the forest. So I skipped the levels (to skip the levels, I had to open an egg of sorts and use its power) (also there were other forest levels beyond the dark forest but I did not remember what they were, except they were taller still) and woke up in a grassy field with my mother and sister right nearby looking for me (in the few moments right before they found me, I felt blissfully free and happy with a bright blue sky overhead, like the best feeling in the world of perfect freedom). I was lying facedown in the tall green grass with my body facing the outer edge of the forest about 1-2 miles away and the eggshell was broken in two next to me. I tried to hide and hoped they wouldn't find me. They found me and I pretended to be unconscious. They tried to wake me up by putting me in a river but I found and old wet book (the cover was green) (when I found it, it felt like something I wanted to keep and I loved it. Also, me grabbing the book was what alerted my sister and mother the fact that I wasn't actually unconscious) with stories in it and began to read to them, pretending I was crazy. Then they asked me to tell my own story so I did, but my father found me (he was different though. At the party he had been this dark evil figure, while here he looked normal, but he still felt bad to me, like he was hiding it) and tried to convince me that I imagined his murders and that I was crazy and that they had all been in self defense and that I was drunk. He said he was killing people cause they were making his drain overflow with toilet paper. Before I woke up, I remembered trying to push the wet toilet paper down a huge drain while wading in water but more just kept coming up and it felt papery and nasty and wet on my hands. Then I woke up. When I first woke up, I felt very sad and alone
Jcrump17 Jcrump17
22-25, M
Nov 7, 2014