last night I had a dream. It was about a tarantula.I was at school and I tried telling my friend there is a tarantula going up into his shirt and he didn't believe me.When it got to his chest he felt it.he knocked it out of his shirt and it landed on the floor I though my teacher picked it up and through it out the door and I felt something on my leg and a scratched the spiders back. I thought it was my leg . I felt something heavy on my theigh and usually I have this feeling in my leg so I thought I was just that same feeling I always have. it climbed up to my chest and I did not see it and some one told me and when I knocked it off it didn't come off and no one would help me they didn't want to touch it and when I knocked it off again that is when I woke up.
audreyjohnson audreyjohnson
13-15, F
Apr 29, 2015