A Dreamer Of Love Everlasting

This is my story of a dream that I have for my life. I have for along time said I want no part of love; in reality I do. I have been married twice they were controlling, abusive, and so on but between the two I have 5 beautiful children. I rememberbeing 18 and sitting on my car at the ball diamond in my small country town of Coatesville IN. I was looking at the stars and wished that I just could find someone to love me. Then I found a bunch of idiots and married two. I took life at a ddiffrent level when I got divorced from my second husband and I didnt date for awhile. Everyone I found fell in those bad patterns so I gave up. I took a diffrent attitude and decided to fullfill my needs and never to stay the night never to let anyone get close to me. I would go home and dream of this knight and shinning armour to rescue me and sweep me off my feet. For some reason I always dream of a man who has a ranch or lives in the country, and life with horses. Right now I seem to be a city gal kinda but I love the country. My reality is though that I will never find that love between two people and there is no soulmate for me. No knight and shinning armour of love. But at least I have my dreams and that is as close to love that I will ever get.

Donna Walker
donnawalker donnawalker
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 26, 2012

If you dream of a knight and shinning armour you might have it some day.