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My cellular biology reveals a chromosomal gender of male, I don't expect a viable retrovirus to be able to change that in my lifetime.

My gender anatomy is currently congruent with what is deemed male though that may be subject to change ... I definitely plan to pursue some avenues to change my somato-form, including HRT and some surgery (electrolysis and rhinoplasty, perhaps some other facial countouring, possibly some body contouring though I'm still not sure how far. However, my penis and I have a jovial relationship most of the time: you could say we're attached!)

As for my psychosocial gender, I find myself pretty much leaning on the "feminine" side ... softer and gentler unless you threaten me or mine directly (or I perceive that you are), then it's "I am woman; hear me ROAR!" And I get a little extra emotional on a monthly, which is not as easy to predict without a regular menstrual flow or one to synch with (and I DO synchronize based on the estrogens in the air) ... I can only say that I definitely cycle with the moon ... some biological effect of hormonal imbalances?

Clothes, however fun, are merely outward affectations and don't mean the same everywhere ... They aren't what defines my gender identity, although uniforms do facilitate roles and role play.

Yet, I still feel like I picked the wrong biological wardrobe in which to be incarnated this time around. Feel like this skin suit needs tailoring. Guess we all had our reasons. ;-)
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Very true, don't have to wea. A dress to feel like s woman. Psychologically I'm pure woman but I keep my male clothes on at work. Even following surgery jeans will do me just fine.