A Fake Identity

Why is it that people feel obligated to become another identity when being around particular groups/individuals. It is like the person that you believed you knew well, turns out to flip the switch on you. For example, an individual could be a pessimist, a tome boy, not even a care to what others perceive of her, an anime lover, a favorite to black/dark attire, logical, not emotionally swayed, outright stands for what is realistically sound and will believe in this very statement "bros before hoes". Then perhaps on the flip side this individual hits that wall of first love,lust, infatuation or whichever it is called when these first feelings arise. This individual whom I thought I knew becomes optimistic (Awesome change!), an emotional body, swayed to make desicians only by feelings, a straight up cliche girly girl of wanting to feel secure in knowing what others think of her, spend an amount of time critiquing her image and believes in the statement "hoes before bros" What Gives> ? Was this friendship true from the beginning, the real identity that I feel in love with or has the true identity shown its true colors by a first love, cuz men can have that affect on woman. What has happened to a true friend, do I even know her, did I really see her true personality shine? We were once the Yin and the Yang. A Pessimist balances out the Optimist and Optimist Balances out the Pessimist. Our personalities complimented each other in ways that really was meaningful. I do not know what lies ahead in this confrontation/inner conflict but whichever the lesson, I do hope that I can accept the outcome. So be it..........
carnelia carnelia
22-25, F
Nov 11, 2012