Most of my time I spend in doors. Between working from home I love to eat. I eat tons of fats and carbs because I don't have to worry about anyone else.

I sew as a hobby and have made myself some giant lounge dresses. I make sure they have pockets so I can store my cell, cigarettes, emergency snack, and wallet. I usually pass on underclothing and sit around in these massive things.

I go from workstation, to couch, to kitchen, to bed. And about five or six times a day I "Get my exercise" as I think of it by hiking the twenty shuffling waddles to my bathroom.

About once a week I "Take a hike" and get in my car and drive to stores and other essential places. I always put underwear and pants on along with a large shirt and then force myself to go buy essential things. Then when I get back and unpack the groceries I sit on my couch covered in sweat chainsmoking as I try to catch my breath and the pain slowly leaves my joints.
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4 Responses Jan 31, 2015

Oddly, you sound pretty good. A chainsmoking BBW! Now if you you're wearing spike heels yet, all I could say is damn!

I also do exercises like you :-) But it's cool that you can go out to stores. It must be really hard!

I know the feeling.. work and home...with stops for food..

that is kind of sexy