I love my daughters more than anything
There all out of my life now and I feel so empty inside
I would love to be a father to someone who needs a father figure and someone to be there for them unconditionally
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Is THe Same for ALl parents

no worries they are still in your heart just visit them sometimes

Thank you very much

i also miss my dead grandmother and great grandmother i wish they are still alive now

I miss my father and brother

Oh is common.my family also miss my 2 brothers who are studying at a distant university

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Hang in there.. My two are teen and preteen and even though my oldest won't be considered an adult for three more years, I'm already feeling the empty nest syndrome.. Lol. He has always been so damn self sufficient and never really needed me.. Even trying to teach him to ride a bike, he said, mom.. I got this.. Just let go. He taught himself to read at three.. I always felt useless with him.. I was so thrilled when my daughter came along.. I knew I had my baby who needed me.. Traitorous brat just gets her big brother to do it all for her... Lol! Again.. I'm here just to feed them..

My only child is 18, and out on his own. Breaks my heart to be so alone!

I know just how you feel

Just like right now, my car has a flat tire. It's sitting on side of highway. But son too busy to change tire for me. Only comes by or calls when he needs something. This is not how I raised my son.

I'm so sorry if I was close I would help you right now my son isn't like that but my daughter is

Everyone says it's a phase. Hopefully will pass quickly :(

Thank you very much you didn't say anything that was selfish

I was telling her I needed to do something and she tells me right away I can't help you dad I tell her I don't need your help I was just sharing with you what's going on

Everyone tells me that too

My youngest daughter she was so kind and thoughtful there's nothing she want to do for me and now all of a sudden my world has changed my heart is broken she just up and disappeared and I haven't heard from her nobody has heard from her in two months and I'm sick with worry

I hope she has been found safely. Bless your heart.

Yes she returned home

She's the girl in my profile picture

I can not imagine ur pain. The pic is very small n I'm getting old. lol I can't see too well. I hope she is okay, just being a selfish butt. Not trying to offend, if I do tell me plz.

Have you thought about a PI? They're expensive, but you sound like a Daddy that could make it happen :)

I would give anything to know where she is

I've tried that she really covered her tracks she doesn't want to be found she promised to always contact me I hope nothing bad has happened to her

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For stephanie

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