I was seeing someone for just about over a year and only found out last night that he had a 1 year old daughter on his best friends Instagram. I'm extremely heartbroken at the fact he had kept this from me for so long throughout our whole relationship. His excuse was "I didn't know how you'd react" and "I wasn't ready" .. I had mentioned children to him so many times and he always said he doesn't have a child. Last night I figured out that his "niece" was his daughter. The fact he has a child isn't the reason I am hurt, the fact he had lied to me about this for this long is what hurts me. I want to know if his reasons for keeping this a secret from me are good enough reasons? I believe his daughter and I deserve the respect for him to admit to me he has a child from the start. I want to move on but I'm still in love with the guy.
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1 Response Sep 29, 2014

Like politics, it wasn't the lie but the cover up