This is going to be quite a boring story compared to some of my others but I just feel the need to let people know about my experiences with this plant.

About 5 or 6 yrs ago I developed a wart on the knuckle of my left hand. I didn't really care about what it looked like but it kept on catching on things and being ripped open and bleeding etc. That irritated me. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who was a Zulu man so he knew one or two things about healing plants because he was brought up going to traditional healers who used mostly natural plants for remedies. These traditional healers are called "inyanga" and they are not to be confused with "isangoma".

Anyway my friend pointed to an Aloe Vera plant growing in my garden and said that I should try putting the juice from the leaves of that plant on the wart every day and it might help. He had previously asked my permission to break off some of the leaves to treat a throat infection that he had. He boiled the leaves in water, allowed it to cool down and then gargled with the water and spat it out. This fixed his throat infection.

So I took his advice and applied the juice from the leaves about once a day (sometimes I forgot) for about 2 months. By the end of these 2 months the wart had died, dried up and fallen off in small crumbling pieces. The skin on my knuckle is perfect now with no scar and no sign that a wart was ever there. I thought this was great but told myself that it was probably coincidence and pretty much forgot about the Aloe Vera plant again because there are far more interesting things in life.

Then about 8 months ago I was visiting friends and we were sitting outside on their verandah (patio, sundeck) and I was telling them about this irritating mole that had been growing on the left side of my head just in front of my ear. It had grown over the period of about a year and a half to about the size of a raisin and it was becoming more and more itchy. As far as I know an itchy mole is not a good sign. My friend mentioned that he had used the juice from the leaf of a plant growing in a pot right next to us on the verandah to get rid of itchiness caused by Eczema. I looked at the plant and what did I see ? An aloe Vera ! My brain went CLICK , stupid forgetful me ! So to cut a long story short I took a leaf and returned now and then to take another one as I needed them because I had moved and no longer had them growing in my garden. Within a few minutes of applying the aloe juice straight from the leaf to the mole the itchiness went away. I kept applying it about once a day (sometimes I forgot) for about 2 months and the mole suffered the same death as the wart. It dried up, shrunk and fell off in little dry crumbles. Coincidence again ? I don't think so, that mole was growing and itching until I applied Aloe Vera to it.

My friends regularly use it for Eczema and sunburn. Other people use it for all kinds of things but it does seem to be extra good for the skin. It's probably not a good idea to apply it to open wounds so don't do that and then come give me grief about it.

There are apparently many uses for this plant but I don't want to be writing a book here so I will supply a link to a site I found that gives 40 uses. Women will especially like the uses of Aloe Vera for keeping their skin looking young.

Take care
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This ain't boring at all, this is worth pure gold! Many years ago I came across a website that is very useful on the medicinal and alternative uses for many plants, here it is -

I didn't know that aloe vera could be used for wounds, but I have known for many years that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very safe and useful to clean and sanitize open wounds, and it is one of the best make up removers ever! As long as you don't stick it inside your eyes! Lololol

Thanks. The aloe vera is so average looking but so useful. A lot of people have appreciated this story and that's great. I'll have a look at the site you mentioned, thanks for leaving a comment.

No doubt everyone looking at a thread like this has heard of Forever Living, and possibly uses the products, seeing the company grows two-thirds of the total commercial aloe vera produced. This is a shameless plug for the company, as I'm a Forever Living business owner, but the products are first-rate - I wouldn't have confidence in using or selling them if not.

Really interesting stuff. Aloe Vera has so many uses. I know I was first really impressed when I was told to break off a bit of leaf from the plant in our kitchen and apply it to a cut. It worked within hours, unlike the antiseptic creams I'd been using.

Thanks for your comment. It's nice to have so many people confirm that what I have written here is not nonsense. I think the Aloe Vera is one of the most useful plants that I have come across. It is so plain looking but much more than it seems at first glance.

There are some amazing things documented. It's cleared up life-long psoriasis for a friend of ours and I use it a lot just to maintain great health, not only to cure things.

I remember the "forever living products" and used to belong to that group a long time ago but I did not like their driven commercialism, profit appearing to be a priority.I left the group disillusionned.

Interesting! Thanks!

It's a pleasure.

hey, this caught my eye. one. cause you said it might be boring or not as exciting and two cause I practice complimentary medicine and make my own skincare and herbal remedies etc. I have been using aloe in many products i make for past 15 years. and yes you can put it on open wound. it will cure (not that im allowed to say so and im not making a medical claim) and prevent infection. i even know of someone who put it in there eyes, burnt like 11 hells, reportedly, but removed cataracts

Well thanks for your comment Urwright. It is nice to hear from someone who actually uses natural remedies. I appreciate it. The Aloe plant is useful isn't it, and they seem to grow very easily in all kinds of climates.

Thank you.. Eczema removal..okay..I wonder if it could be used in cancer cure..maybe

Some people do claim that it has cancer curing possibilities but I think studies are ongoing.

its obvious to me that it does, just saying

absolutely yes. one of the things i suggest, depending on type of cancer, other herbs and nutritional supplements to add to...but topically and internally, definately yes

thanks for slpreading the good news!

It's a pleasure.

awesome post!

Well thank you. I'm just trying to share what I have experienced. EP is a good place for that.:-)

Also a big fan of this product I drank out to help me loose weight, my skin , hair and nails is better and I regularlyu out orders in for skin care products if anyone wants me to share where I don't mind at all just drop me a msg :) ps if u drink it tastes disgusting !

you get bitter aloe which should not be consumed by pregnant woman, and aloe, bitters removed, tasteless compared to oter one and which pregnant woman may consume

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant.I had a rash under my arm which would not go away whatever creams I used on it,creams prescribed by my doctor, nothing would get rid of it,I started putting Aloe Vera juice on it, within two weeks it had completely gone,never to reappear and I had had that rash for months!

Well thanks for sharing that Berangere. It's such a mundane looking plant but so useful. I got an offshoot from my friend's plant and am growing it in a pot now. I plan to keep it around for whenever I need it.

I am doing the same and it keeps for year,the one I have has lasted me nearly twenty years!

Yeah I love all this DIY stuff - aloe vera is a wonderful plant, I used it to make my own soap a few months back (along with other things). I also found out that lemon juice is a very effective deodorant (after trying out all kinds of recipies) and I only use that now... haven't bought a store deodorant for a long time. I decided to stop using all this parapen-stuffed poison ("beauty" products) on myself when I had the hormone problems. So I'm constantly experimenting. Aloe vera is apparently very good for burns too.... both sun burns and regular burns.

Hi Polly. Yes we do tend to grow up spraying and wiping all kinds of dodgy beauty products all over ourselves don't we. Certain product swill create certain problems with the body and then another product will be released to fix that problem while creating another one and so on.....It seems to be part of the whole consumerism based society in which most of us live. It's crazy. How do you apply the lemon juice as deodorant ? Do you spray it on or something ? Do you dilute it ?

Yeah the disruption in our bodies is awful - it's no wonder that small children are born obese, that little girls are starting their periods at very early ages now and there is cancer and other problems like that everywhere. These chemicals (and all the plastic everywhere, that's another thing) are estrogen mimickers and they use our estrogen receptors and disrupt our hormonal system. Happens to males as well but it's not as bad for you because you don't produce as much of extra estrogen as we do and you have testosterone to counteract it. Progesterone is our testosterone (so to speak) and we start losing that pretty early (in our 30's) so things start spiraling out of control shortly there after.
I just buy the lemon juice containers (too lazy to use real lemons lol), splash a dime size or a little more on in my hand and from there under the armpits.... let it dry and that's it. Doesn't even take that much to work. It will sting right after you shave your armpits though. No I don't dilute it.

Well luckily I don't shave my armpits.:-) I might give it a try, there are some lemons on the tree outside. I have sent some of the information you have given me about Progesterone to another woman because this nasty depression thing is also stalking her like a relentless predator. It may or may not help, I don't know, but sharing this kind of information is a good thing I think. So indirectly you might end up helping other people too. Keep sharing your knowledge Polly, it's a good thing.

Good, I hope it helps her like it helped me - all women above 35 should use this cream if not younger. If she needs more info (and she's on here) she shouldn't hesitate to be in touch. If she's not here I can send you my email address if she wants to contact me that way. But all of this is also online.... and that book I told you about is really really good.

She is on EP so if she asks for more information then I will put her in touch with you, thanks for that.

please share your soap recipe, message it to me, pretty please

Here it is :)

1 cup distilled water (or boiled)
1 cup (coffee cup) organic herbal soap, the type you get at the health food store, it's a runny light yellow liquid... often used as a base.
1 can of canned organic coconut milk (all of it, both the runny liquid part and the thick part (this makes the soap foam a little bit)
2 table spoons aloe vera juice
2 table spoons avocado oil
2-3 drops tea tree essential oil
2-3 drops eucalyptus oil
2-3 drops peppermint essential oil
2 tablespoons organic honey
1 teaspoon glycerin (to keep it fresh longer)

Then just stir until everything is mixed, pour in a glass container and use within 2-3 weeks :)

Makes your skin very smooth - if you use coffee grounds mixed with a little bit of water as a scrub first it's even better

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