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I am touched by the many replies from Peeps of various ages as they respond to the comments and/or stories of others. I am equally disgusted by those who take cheap shots and are disrespectful to others, and, I hate to say, the majority are males, (with a couple of females tossed in). I'm betting that if you had to say this face to face with that person 99% of you wouldn't act that way. You do know that words, with or without a face attached, hurt and demean others just the same, right?
Unfortunately, our society is becoming desensitized to others, due mainly to the Social Networks where it is easy to 'forget' there is a real person on the other end of the 'line'. Would you want your parent(s) or grandparent(s) reading what you write about another person? If you answered, "yes, I learned it at home.", I feel sorry for you. Parents such as that are raising the next generation of problem people. Good parents are those who know that they are not raising children, but future adults who productive and successful in life. Thanks for reading & that's all I care to say for now folks. But stay tuned, there's always more on many subjects.
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Sorry your experience has been so negative. I have been more fortunate, but maybe women are more sensitive.

I suppose that does sound negative, but I'm not a negative person as a rule, just some things irk me. I do, however, find most people to be good, friendly & respectable and I enjoy meeting new folks. I've worked 35+ years with the public and really found just a few to be disagreeable, I also like to think that I treat others the way I like to be treated, not necessarily the way they treat me. Thank you for your reply and may you encounter only the best in life.

Your attitude is truly commendable.