Bill Became My Friend April 12,1994

I met Bill while going through treatment in Colorado. I would have to say that he, and his friends have kept me sober now for 18 years With the grace of God, twelve steps, a great sponcer, and a lot of meetings, I have been able to turn my life over. I will forever be grateful, to all of the afor mentioned, and hope to hep others in the same boat.
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I, too, with the twelve steps, the grace of God and good friends have been sober for almost 34 years.

That is awsome

I'm sure you will if it's the desire of your heart. God says he gives us the desires of our hearts and I have found that to be true. So many times in my life when I go through a journal and see what I was trusting him for or just speaking to him about and it came to pass. Even befor you ask sometimes he answers. So go for your badge and enjoy the ride.

Thank you