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I became sober on March 12, 2012 for the first time in 41 years. The Easy Does It Group in Colorado became my friend. I appreciate everything these people have done for me. One day at a time and keep coming back is our Motto. And also, It Works if you work it and you're worth it!
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Congratulations!!!! And doesnt it feel great. I became sober on january 9th 1999. Going on 16 years now. I never thought i would do it. But God works in very mysterious ways. God bless you and keep up the fantastic work. Im very proud of you. Tabitha1960

I stopped in 75, didn't get over the sugar shakes until 80, had a few slips, but I can have the stuff in the house now and have no urge for it. Now if I could just get over smoking :-)

I don't want the stuff in the house in case! I'm only a little over a year sober but don't need any temps right now. Quit smoking in 2001, got COPD and other breathing problems. But i'm ok otherwise. I'll have to agree, that smoking was tough to quit! And maybe harder than drinking. Both were hard for me!

ya, at a year there was no hope for me either, had to steer clear. I found in 83 I had liver problems, the circles were showing up on ultrasounds.

That's too bad. How is your liver now? The Docs say mine is ok, but I have other issues. I figured I drank for 41 years and pretty heavy for the last 10 and don't have too many problems!

You got off lucky then. I have not had it checked, just never went back to drinking. Didn't see a reason to have it checked, no way to fix it once its hosed. Got a cousin who could not get away. He is pretty much a waste now.

Ya, I've got 2 uncles that are pickled and one them is 77 still drinking.He's an every other day drinker tho! Oh yeah, I've had everything checked out! Got some heart troubles, but don't know if it's from drinking or not. Probably, that and smoking, bad diet, hard living when I was younger etc.. You might want to have your Doc run a test, just because!

the only thing goofy I have had was going in for surgery, i had a blood sugar of 186, but have never had one like that before or since. No heart problems that they can catch. Seems i get an irregular beat on occasion where my heart stops and then goes again, but it is so seldom even wearing the tracker they couldn't catch it.

Had a heart attack in 88 while I was in the Army, they did a dbl by pass and saved my life! Again, bad diet etc.. Haven't had any other heart episodes except for A-fib, which is when part of your heart beats faster than the other. They tried shocking it back to normal, but it only lasted a week. Now I'm on a blood thinner for clots. Such is life! Did they say what caused the 186 sugar thing? That's really unusual. My sugar is ok, so they say!

Nope, was never able to repeat.

That's good!

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keep working the steps, good job

Thanks, I am!