Why is it that males who are horn dogs want me to add them, when I clearly have posted no-no's I will not accept in who to add? I do not want to lump them but a large portion seem to be males from India. I have been warned by dear friends both male and female about males from India on here.

But I clearly state many times over what I will and will not accept.

I also have seen males add me and I can tell if they are genuinely interested in being my friend or if they want to cause trouble or if they want to just see my Friends-Only pictures.

I have had a horrible time recently with one male in EP mail who kept insisting I was not as nice as I seem just because I wouldn't add him. I had checked out his profile. Almost all of his groups were raunchy. It didn't seem like a disguise either. It then seemed he just wanted to see my pictures, hence the obnoxious way he acted upon my refusal to add him just because he had told me his basic physical info such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc. when I said I didn't know him. [I didn't want to be mean and say he was too graphic for me since he liked posting horn dog things.] I told him that I do not know him just because he tells me what he looks like.

I am not the type to reject adds either. It was huge. He kept acting like he wanted to get to know me then would trash me if I didn't add him when he told me another physical quality about him. Every question he asked me is one that can be answered if he bothered to read my stories I posted and I told him so which met with more trash talk, which was more proof he was just a horn dog after my pictures. Because why bother taking time to read me in email if you cannot be bothered to take time to read me on site in my posts?

His type of friendship is one I don't need. I am okay with being friends with people who are into such horn dog things since everyone has things they like even if others don't like it and as long as they respect that I am not into those things, but to not show me an interest in me and then badmouth me just for not adding you is immature in my opinion.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Feb 7, 2014