The Friendship Leading Up To Us Dating

My man has always been my best friend. He was there for every breakup, every heart break, every happy moment. He had always had the biggest crush on me and he wanted to be with me for the longest time, but I couldn't gather up the courage to break up with the guy I was with, at the time(a two year relationship). Anytime I needed him, he was there. That guy I was in a two year relationship with was not good to me, he never really abused me, but I deserved better. Anytime that guy, let's call him Brad, made me cry or anything my guy, let's call him Prince Charming, would show up in a suit of armor and save the day. One night, before Brad left for college in another state, I invited him over to see him one last time and he said he was coming... I waited.. And waited.. And waited.. And waited... He never showed up. He lied to me, so that night I ended it! I was heart broken, so I called Prince Charming over and was at my house in less than two seconds to let me cry on his shoulder. I was so thankful for him at that moment. Nothing happened that night, but a few nights later he took me out to a get together with his friends. We all sat outside and talked and hung out. I had to go pee at one point so Prince Charming walked me in and showed me where. He waited for me to get done and when I walked out he came and held me so quick, I hugged him back so tight! Then we whispered in my ear,"May I ask you for a favor?" I said,"Anything!" He replied with,"Kiss me...? If that's okay." I quickly did, and nothing has ever felt so right in my life.. And that was that.. A few days later he asked me to be his girlfriend and here we are now! Still together!
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This is a dream for me. This gives me hope