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I a full time college student would like input on being involved in groups in a class.  The professor says pick a group.  Well, here I am left out of the picture as I am old enough to be everybodies mother and and it is as though I don't even exist.  I am addressing this situation personally as it follows me everywhere in life.  I feel angry and hurt.  I am attempting to figure out how to turn this around.  When I am finally assigned to a group, it is as though I am excess baggage.  Any advice?

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2 Responses Oct 3, 2008

I agree with the comment above. When I was a university professor i enjoyed the older students because they brought gifts to the forum such as, experience, reality, wisdom, commonsense.<br />
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When i have to go in a group now i often feel similar to you that i'm not wanted and yet i know i have so much to give. often i choose not to participate but have my individual say anyway or if i do contribute to a group find them hanging on my every word.<br />
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I value me so i figure that's what counts.<br />
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Good luck and remember at the end of it all; you pass or fail on your own merits.

I think you could just try turning to the person next to you and say something to the effect of, "Want to be in a group?" They will not say no, and more then likely, many other people in the class are doing the same thing - forming a group with the people around them because it's the easiest way to form a group. <br />
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When you're in a group, you could use the knowledge and experience that you gained throughout your life. The other younger students are no better than you and don't know any more than you - you're all taking the same class together. <br />
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Hope that helped at least a little bit =)