My Young Man

I work with a young Downs Syndrome man.  We have good days and not so good days,  Today was a beauty!   Part of my job is to encourage him to have a social life.  He enjoys a few things, dancing, swimming, eating out, playing cards and games, drama group.  I'm there for all of them.  His most favourite hobby is pool.  We both are members of our local  RSA (returned servicemans  Association) and play frequently.  

We were there today and there must have been a touch of  spring in the air, we had a great time.  There were balls flying off the table, balls bunny hopping across the table, hoots of glee and joy when a game was won.  Laughs and moans when a game was lost.  There was lots of giggling and so much laughter, joking and horsing around that i had tears running down my face.  There was so much fun being had that that i didn't really take much notice of the interest we were creating. Thank goodness one of us had some sense!!!  and tried to tone things down.   When we eventually left he said to me ,

"YOU  better behave yourself next time we come here ,  I thought we were gonna be kicked out"!

He looked very stern.

I tried to look contrite.

Who was in charge of who?

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7 Responses Mar 8, 2010

smiling...a day in my life

awesome story! Sounds like time well spent.

Hi Frito, i'm always in some sort of trouble but i'll try to be good!<br />
<br />
Hi Paco, Glad i made you smile.

Endearing story. Brought a smile to my face, thank you. <br />

Isn't that great? Getting lost in the fun!!! So very nice to hear behave yourself nest time...hahahah :)

He never gets sick of playing. I can't imagine you not being good at anything, maybe you just needed to practice more. : )

It sounds like your young man is a really fun companion---I used to enjoy pool when I was young--never was any good at it --but it was always fun to play. :)