A Big Hole In The Ground

It was 1948. I was 8yrs. old, Walking through the woods with my brother 3yrs. older and my Uncle James 4 yrs older. James was a real jokier. We came upon a huge fallen tree that had been up rooted and left a big hole in the ground that had filled with water. James suggested we go swimming, we hesitated, then he said I'll count to 3 and we will all run and jump in. OK that sounded good we'd all get in trouble together. He counted to 3 we all took off running. They stopped I didn't. I was the laugh of the day But I took it well. Mom not so well. I learned a good lesson, don't trust any one and go running off and jump in a hole.
notail1940 notail1940
70+, M
Dec 29, 2011