My Woderful Wife

              My wife Sabrina and i have been married for about seven years and have grown very comfortable and appreciative of each other. We are fairly well off and so have learned to take advantage of the extra money to make us happy

              My wife has learned the things that I really like that make her look extremely sexy to me. We have purchased quite a few angora outfits from Knit For You and we have also purchased several fox fur coats and throws for the bed.                                             

              My story starts with us having a house in the suburbs and I am on my way home from work. We had planned to go out for dinner on Friday night and so I knew my wife would be waiting for me to arrive at the house. I park the car and walk up to the front door as I unlock the door and open it my wife is waiting for me just inside and she has surprised me by wearing a yellow fluffy angora cardigan only buttoned at the top so her very ample bust is clearly visible and she is not wearing a bra so her breasts are against the soft sweater keeping her nipples very erect she also has on a matching angora skirt but this one is split down the front to make access to her *****. She comes to me and we engage in a very deep romantic kiss. As she comes to me I can tell that my lovely wife has also pleased me by having a bit too much white wine and is a little tipsy. she wants me to go and put on my outfit so we can head off for dinner. She has taken out my black thick angora sweater and slack set. I quickly undress and while I have my slacks off she wants to give me a blow job and I am in heaven as she give ones so perfect as I *** in her mouth in no time at all, I then lay her on the bed and with the spit skirt I have easy access to her ***** and I dive in and devour all her juices and listen to her moan as she starts to have a fantastic ******. She has a little more wine and she puts on a sweater coat also angora. I then hold up here thick fox fur coat to put on for out trip to the restauraunt. When we get there it is a very romantic place and we have our own booth. We both order  Bloody Marys to drink and we have decided to sit side by side and I slip my hand between her legs and she closes her eyes and leans back to relax and enjoy the sensations of the butterfly I have slipped in to her *****. She takes another sip and puts her hand in the open fly in my slacks to grab my already hard ****. I reach inside the fur and sweater coat and gently rub the sweater against her nipples as she s now sucking on my ****. Our dinner arrives and she sits up to eat another advantage of us sitting beside each other is I can feed her as she is now quite tight and just full of emotions. Our waitress is a lady whom we know and is Bi and she would like to suck my wife's breast so my wife turns to her and she gets down to pleasure her as Sabrina takes another drink. I finish my meal and I decide to get down under the table to eat my lovely wife's ***** she has ****** after ******. I pay for our dinner and leave a sizable tip for our waitress and we leave my wife is very unstable on her feet and this alone is giving me an enormous erection she is so sexy with her DD **** wrapped in knits and her big fox fur coat on. We head home but she wants to play outside so we head to a conservation area where I lay her on a picnic table and **** her silly. When we do get home we head to the bed room for a very romantic night of love making.

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Thank you I am very glad you enjoyed my story. It is my favorite theme for most 0f my stories.. Samantha Lynn

that is one of the most wonderful stories i have ever heard

Hi I am unsure what you mean please elaborate. Samantha