Gamergirls Always Game *all The Games I Have And Have Owned*

SuperSmashBrothersBrawl ***** (five stars) Wii
Skylander's Spyro's Adventure **** Wii
Skylander's Giants ***** Wii
Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess **** Wii
Lego Starwars ***** (Darth Vader... :3) Wii
Lego Indiana Jones **** Wii
Lego Harry Potter 1-4 ***** (Potterhead.) Wii
Lego Lord Of The Rings ***** (Still in the process of playing but addition quests....Awesome :D) Wii
Lego Batman 2 ****** (I CAN FLY!!!.... plus they added voices :P )
PokePark Pickachu's Adventure **** (Im a Pokéfan....yep gotta...collect them all! Xp) Wii
PokePark 2 ***** Wii
Pokemon SoulSilver ***** Ds (My first Pokémon game)
Pokemon White ***** Ds
Pokemon White 2 ***** Ds
Animal Crossing New Leaf ***** ( I lost my Ds for like 3-5 weeks...found it in my backpack anyway little shy to get back on probably most of my Neighbor's moved..even Colton :( Ds
Animal Crossing Wild World, *** (When I was about 9 or 10 was afraid of game because I saw a Ufo...thought it would kill me.) Ds
Animal Crossing City Folk **** (Why did you have to leave Bunny?!) Wii
Rhythm Heaven Fever ***** ( SIP -Still in process but Its Awesome :) Wii
Rhythm Heaven ***** Ds
Kirby's Epic Yarn Adventure....... * (Hated the Game didn't even feel like finishing)
Sims 3 **/**** (Computer and On Wii you can't customize every little detail on Wii...but the computer one..kept on crashing :r) Computer/Wii
Wii Music ***** (Legend of Zelda Theme song... :D )
Nintendo Dogs and cats, (French Bulldog) **** (Stop feeding my dog... And didn't have enough money for Cat.... :P )

Well...almost kinda lazy well here :D

AzelthShadows AzelthShadows
16-17, F
Aug 21, 2013