I am 50 and single. I really want a relationship. However, it seems there aren't many men my age that are single. Also, I find myself attracted to younger guys. NOT kids but maybe late 20's and 30's. Am I asking for trouble? Is this wrong? Am I just older and being silly?
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Firstly, you don't look 50 but much younger guys who like older men are often looking for that missing link in their lives, the older, stable, supportive type that they never had growing up. Now that's a very sweeping statement and not the same for everyone of course but perhaps someone later 30's or 40's might be a better bet.
A relationship can come along in a number of guises, don't set yourself too many restrictions in how it can reach you.

im 21.lol

You're 50 and you say you are attracted to guys in their late 20's and 30's. This might limit the chances of you finding "Mr. Right." Is it possible you can cast a wider net ... you can catch more "fish" that way... ? Anyway there is also a dating site called "Silverdaddies.com"

Many guys Dont like Clubs. But it is more immediate & deletes the Fake pics one sees on line. Still-- MANY Guys Do meet on line-- & THere are Daddy WEb Sites for Boys wanting Older Men-- Google/ Research, Join, Post a Hot Profile & Have Fun! Make it Clear you want a LTR & State what you can offer & What you're seeking. Good Luck!! I love younger guys too--

Hey Boston are u talking about manhunt? Or GrindR? What's the other one.....?? Oh it's called "squirt"
I've been on those & had a hookup here & there.. Manhunt has been around forever. Gotta love those body pics with the headless shots. The worst. That's what I wanna see "hi my name is bob"...& you see a close up of a ****. Like pow there ya go!! One thing to be discreet but one thing to be like here's my **** wanna **** now? Oh u want a face pic? U can see what I look like when we meet. No thanks!! That's why I stopped going onto those sites. I would be interested in the "daddy sites" you are talking about because at least you know what specific type they are going for on there. On like manhunt u can have a hottie w/ no face next to a 400LB nasty bastard. Lots of filtering! One thing about daddy sites are daddies can be nice & stacked & manly (alpha) or can be a fat slob.

Smart Move Mikey! **** pics are just that & A sleezy way to meet a guy---
THe Internet was supposed to make Gay Dating easier--But instead, its Harder!
Yet ppl DO Meet on Line still--... & Many (older) guys have bailed on the Bar scene...Keep "Plugging away" Guy! > Mr. Right is hopefully Out there---Hope He's Young & Cute!-- I think Adult Ed. classes is a good bet-- At least you know u have something u like in common & will see the same guys for 6- 8 weeks!

Thanks for suggestions. Will check out some that I haven't tried.

Good Luck Chuck!

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Sure they're are. Ur in ur prime. 50 is the new 40! Just because you are sober, you can still go to gay social events or even bars. I don't think you would have a problem! Depends on what type of guy your looking for. I have a hunch that Twinks are probably all over you! But being a X-twink, they are over rated & annoying! I say stay 40 & higher. Gay guys take care of themselves these days. Gym's are full of gay dudes. I live in south Florida now but I come from southie (so. Boston), & use to work at a bath house in R.I., there was tons of hunks there. How long have you been single? You must of been in a long-term relationship & now finding it hard to get out there but you can do it. I would stay away from online, fakes & phonies. Never know what's true & what's fake! C-ya ~ Mike

Hey Mike. Have been single for a little short of two years. BTW. I live in Pensacola, FL

@ CHUCK: cool we in the same state! Your up in the Bible Belt! No
Wonder. Do they have any gay clubs up there? Just curious... I have never been there before. I'm 8 hours south, maybe 7. I'm in fort Myers. Lee county.

@CHUCK: so u have been single for two years. Not to bad. What kind
Of guys do u like? Same as you? Or younger? Body type? I'm
Determined to help you out! & if I can't help ya we could always just hook up & call it a day! LMAO.. Just kidding! Don't take me serious, I'm blunt but silly & not to be taken too seriously most of the time.... I would be the passive one in a relationship for sure! I guess some would say I'm the "*****", although I hate that label..I'm not THAT needy & I don't complain. Maybe the ***** in the bedroom but that would be between me & my partner. So that annoys me kinda sorda! I have 13 siblings (including 8 brothers), so I can be the "dude" if I need too. My ideal man is in control but not controlling. If that makes sense!? How long have u been in Florida? Me: going on 4 years in August. Love it. Love it. The weather! Can't beat it!!

Hey Mike. Yeah there are a couple clubs in town. Also there is a huge gay weekend thing here for Memorial Day. It's out at the beach. Big party really but usually about 30000 folks I think. I've never been but will prolly go this year.

Long story about the two years single. Save that for another time. But, I'm short I really just wanna try to find something that lasts I guess.

As far as what I like. Hmmm! Well I like a man who's confident but not arrogant. Kind. Loving. Considerate. Passionate. I guess you could say I am those things. I believe in treating people with respect. I'm not pretentious. I'm not REAL gay acting but not afraid of my softer side either.

I've learned a lot about life. Mostly the hard way. LOL!!! I'm having to start over with most everything. I've had a lot of success and also a good measure of loss.

I am well educated but not nerdy. I work out but am not a muscle head. I go to church.

I guess some of all that I would look for in a man. BUT that being said I'm not looking for a clone. If that makes sense.

Am So Jealous of you guys in FLA!! Cold here in Boston! Where are the Gays in FLA? Prob. everywhere, Right? But are there "Gay centers"?

LOL!! I didn't mean to say I'm short in that response. I meant "in short". I'm 5-10, 175.

Hmmmm, sounds good to me... :~}

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Hot piece of mature *** (;

Right! That's what I'm saying! Chuck is hot! Alpha male to the fullest! Maybe they are too picky!?? No offense just saying...

Thanks man!!!!

Still too young lol

You are probably right. Thanks for your response.

All these men!!!.....& they are all single!! Why??? I don't get it!?! Do you all live in a non-friendly gay community? I mean I live in red state Florida. Anti gay big time. We will never have gay marriage, it's embedded in our constitution! & we have gay clubs here & I know tons of good quality nice-looking gay dudes. Keep trying!! They are out there! I promise!

wow??? really... im young but loveless.lol