I've never told anyone, all my friends think I'm straight.. It's hard hiding who you are.
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i've been doing that for 45 years and it is hard and it hurts

You should not have to hide! real friends would accept you as you are!

Update::::: I came out to my fam and friends recently, so all's well :)

good for you,you can now live your life openly.

I'm sorry that you have too.. :(

I agree, live your life proudly but privately if need be. I do at age 52.

I no how that goes. I had to hide who I was for a really long time.

I was in the same boat as you up until just a couple of months ago. I've known I was into guys for years, but always went to great lengths to hide it. I recently met a guy (who is gay) and I was completely open with him and we had a sort of fling..which completely caught me off guard, but it was the turning point I needed to tell my two closest friends. It was surprisingly easy to tell them, but it's my family I worry about...

That sounds wonderful! I wish I could meet a gay guy and have a fling with him! :/ I think about it a lot.

It's even harder when you see a hot jock pass by and you just want to look at his thighs but you know you might get caught! xD

Haha wow! Yeah I think that type of thing will never get easier lol

Thanks for the ♥ on my response

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If U add me, I'll accept your request.

Then we can talk sometime

My setting are that anyone can message, I just checked. Site must be glitchy.

I seem to be having that problem for the last couple of days.

Thanks for the add. I'm looking forward to talking soon

it is hard and I felt relieved when I came out and admitted I was gay.

It's not only hard, it's unhealthy. If friends can't accept you being gay, they are not really friends. Do you live in the south or the Midwest or something?

No, I'm in Colorado

I thought Colorado was more liberal. Maybe those horrific winters impact the brain. At least you can get high with impunity.

Haha, thanks man.

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Oh ok

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