I'm Gay And Always Have Been

For almost as long as I can remember I've been interested in seeing other guys' dicks and balls. Merely seeing only lasted for me until I was about 12 or 13 when I started to have "private time" with some of my classmates. Besides my natural inclinations,what else spurred me on were those gym classes with their mandatory communal showers. What a turn on THOSE were to a mostly private,shy,just-teenaged boy! It was funny though,no matter how excited I became just looking at all of those bare peters and balls bouncing around me,my own organ simply would crawl up inside of me to hide out. When I'd get home after school though...BOING! Why THERE it was,and I'd hump my bed furiously until I cream into my underpants.After a disappointing 7 years with an overly-endowed drag queen,I moved on and after a year's worth of wild oat sowing found the love of my life. Jack and I have now been together for over 33 years and despite my wonderful memories of all of those guys I'd had sex with,nothing compares with having someone who is loving,supportive,and yes,forgiving,there by my side every day and night of the year! tshirtbob
tshirtbob tshirtbob
70+, M
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Sound like you had a interesting life

In all honesty,it wasn't until I found "EP" that so many of those memories came BACK to me! While they were occurring they were...just LIFE,but now,RELIVING them,I have realized just how much fun those experiences WERE!

Really that's kinda amazing glad you to here you remember all those fun memories

HEY! I'm not done living YET! Got any memories that YOU'D like to share?

Yeah I know sorry about that. And it's depends what memories you want me to share

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