I Heard Heavenly Music.

I was very ill for a few weeks recently.Seven days of that illness was especially bad but throughout that time I heard a beautiful light soothing male voice and wonderful soothing delightful music.During the first couple of days I was asking everyone to look and search to see if any music was being played on a radio or something but nothing was.So I accepted the fact that it was in my head because no one else could hear it!.When I would concentrate on the music alone 'it would stop!' then when my focus brought me back to my pain 'the music started again!!'.I feel it was a gift from heaven comforting me.I feel so grateful because it helped me so much to get through an awful time.  
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wow. Was the music you could identify with something you are familiar with or was it a tone you had never heard before.

I wonder what music from Heaven sounds like.

It was not music I had heard before.DCF.

Was it instrumental, like harps and violins ?
If I had to envision music from Heaven it would have to sound like Enya....

Hi DCF,the music is difficult to explain,it did not have 'harps' and it did not sound like Enya(I do like their music),sort of violin sounds within an orchestra,very beautiful.

I believe you. God comforts us in different ways. the picture you show with the story is hauntingly beautiful. It compliments your story well. Thank you for sharing such an intimate personal story. So happy you are back with us now. Continue to get stronger.xxoo MINI

Thank you MINI.xxx I would love to know if anyone else has had an experience like this.