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I went into nursing early on. I figure I'd be a good nurse and make a decent living and I did that. The fact that I never once really ask to do something I love never occured to me. I didn't know anyway what it was I was good at beside's the medical feild . I tried advertising , Iliked that,I tried labratory assistant, backoffice nurseand evenstarted adirect mail newspaper called the Seabrook Advertiser.12 page by the end of three months. There's somany stories inme but they won'tcome out,I'm stuck in the tring to tellthem. I need help.Ihave feltalittle depressedthepastfew days,it comes and goes. It helps to have my friends Harold andPat.HaroldImet about 11/2 years ago.We have been pretty close since then. Everyday Harold tells me he loves me. Ilove hearing it every once and a while but I alsofeelit's alittle over done at times. I adore you Harold , just slow down on the "I love you" Please it isn'tthat I don'tneed it at times but Ithink words needtobe bsacked upwith actionat times. I want more than anything for Haroldthat he dowhat he needs to do for himself, not for me or for them but for you.You can just back upalittle and decide what you can live with ot what you need to do with your life. I understand what adifficult time your having at 74and needing to get away fromthe womenand Iknow David is always going to love you and you him. If left up to me and remember I'm going through it too with my children. Having children is something no one can prepare for ,it is endeed forever. 
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If you asked meI would sayyou DID put it in writing! Thank you my Love

thank you my dear for kind words. I know what I would like to do, but I must see to David first. There is a story I would like to write , if only I knew where to start. I can say what I feel but I am not able to put in writing.