Very Presonal.......

About stupidity..I swear one of my thoughts would bust their heads wide open..I'm alittle pisse* that everyone around me is so brainless.The fact that they are in my life at all is because I kept myself here and felt bad for their tragadies, and we stuck in there as best we could with one another.
So here I have adult children in my life and the truth is I brought htem into the world. They are my responsibility for the rest of my days. Oh, sure,...I have been told see them as adults...but, ..they are still children. I didn't finish and unfortunantly I might die trying.
I'm too old to care , to feel responsible for these children at my age? Who else is wanting to raise adult children who are whinners when they don't get things they want. At least my son can play the game. My daughter... is passive agressive, and lacks all passion for character or anything, other than a guy who might support her nonsense she cares to know nothinging more than what she knows. I know I will be read for this but I needed to share the absolute truth as I see it about My Life as a mother.
MsOracle MsOracle
70+, F
Mar 14, 2012