To My Mother And The Reveren Marion Hall "

Mother wasn't just any Mother, she was given great gifts of talent, she sang and i understand she danced in her day, she drew and painted and wrote and kept writing until her death in 2002. She was the most Beautiful woman around for many many miles. I remember on our family prayers nights we would listen intently to her reading poetry.Mother cried alot and I saw her pain when it came ot her raiseing three little youngans while fighting off our Father form beating her to death. I had faith then in someday God would make things okay. No-one was ever hurt beyond the distruction of our souls.Our family was over and done when I had to leave home to marry this angry man who raped me when I was 13. I was pregnant and Mother knew his mother and sister it seems and we seemed like one happy family in a way, I was afraid and unable to articulate my feelings as well as communicate what I was dealing with from this man .
Please note I must return with my story and to say to be continued. If you comment and raise the rate I will see when I am really ready to write it for publication. There is so much more that i want to tell. I hope you find things I write inspirational and uplifting somehow through my experiences , you have more insight and faith.
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Mar 31, 2012