Being A Mother

Being a mother of a grown adults that are apart of this generation isn't easy. They don't seem to be able to listen and learn good strong teaching of principals and just good ole common sense. They don't get it , I say. they don't take responsibilitiy for their own life therefore they don't know who they are. Self confidence isn't a characteristic that is NOT too common with this generation. They are set up to be bullied easier and a victim of their own circumstances. They use excuses and blame to pass go. They are constently confused at what is impoortant and what isn't. Their memory is selective. They seem to have little respect for their elders , they are extremely self interested and exclusive about their stuff , that only pertains to them , selfishly. The lack of respect they show is an embarassment around others. Where did I go wrong.
MsOracle MsOracle
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1 Response Apr 10, 2012

your right you did a good job its not how u raise them its what they choose when they grow up all u can do is lead the way hope for best i think its this generation

Yes , this I say because I have all these years tried to model certain principals , they just don't get it ? Your right , all I can do is pray for their best.