I Am A Personable Person

When I see a personable person I tend to respect their confidence as I see it in myself. I don't meet withy strangers often. I feel I have seen many folks before. I am unique and different but I am in oneness with you, you and with you.. something universal, surreal and timeless has my attentions this day hence I write to catch a glimps into my mind , my imagination, my spiritual world. Am I God..NO! I am a believer of The Christ that died for our sins...
MsOracle MsOracle
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1 Response Apr 10, 2012

We all share so much more than we realise, don't we? :)<br />
We are all part of this vast and astonishing universe.<br />
We are all vulnerable to the needs of life in all its processes.<br />
We all need at the most basic levels of air, water, food, shelter, health<br />
and the giving and receiving of caring love...<br />
We are all equal and not different in these needs.<br />
We are all interconnected in infinitely complex ways.

So flattered to have you read something I'm writing today. ,indeed we all seem to be unaware just how interconnected we really are( like me) Thank you so much for sharing..