The President Was Shot ..

I am at home, fixing a meatloaf for my husband who was at work and coming home for lunch. I would be leaving in a few mins to pick him up . The radio was on ..all about the motorcade would be traveling from here to there , through downtown Dallas. I lived on the highway the motorcade was traveling , a straight route to Downtown. I picked up my daughter and my bag , headed for the door when I heard "The President has been shot , oh my God, the President was shot"
I headed then towards Jefferson Blvd where my husband was , across the Street from the Drugstore where he was managing was the . The Texas Theater. I parked my car on a side street. As we got out of the car I saw men running past me into the Theater , people were yelling out on the street " The President was shot" I walked with my daughter in my arms ..then only a few feet from the enterance to the Theater.I heard " the man who shot the President is in the theater, I waited on the street until my husabnd walked towards me , we heard he's was in the theater, not too many people were on the Jefferson Blvd until that happened. I see now how I should have run as far from the scene as possible but in a state of shock and stupidity I stayed to see what went down. I knew I was a part of history that day. They did endeed bring out the man that shot the President , Lee Harvey Oswald , a scrony looking little man .The police were arm and arm with this killer who was handcuffed and placed in the swad car. ...We all went home that surreal day ..that wasn't the end of it however ..I'm going to share more about my part in this history..please retun for future Stories.
MsOracle MsOracle
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Apr 13, 2012