Willing Myself To Death....

I need to cover a subject that no-one seems to want to discuss it, ..it's death. I am telling my family I am dying soon , I figure by July. I may be wrong . But the state of my health is pretty serious. I don't really hear people talk much about themselves dying . I am not afraid to discuss it. As a matter of fact I love to talk about death . I am excited and sometimes alittle afraid but the idea of my death means that all my hopes and dreams come true and I am refreshed and alive ,more in spirit . This could mean we will have never been so happy, so alive and the mysteries reveiled . This can go as far as our imagination. To see the pearly gates and embrace my loveones, see Pal my dog and sofican my cat. Who doesn't want to wake up in Heaven?
MsOracle MsOracle
70+, F
Apr 14, 2012