Willing Myself To Death....

I need to cover a subject that no-one seems to want to discuss ..it's death. I am telling my family I am dying soon , I figure by July. I may be wrong . But the state of my health is pretty serious. I don't really hear people talk much about themselves dying . I am not afraid to discuss it. As a matter of fact I love to talk about death . I am excited and sometimes alittle afraid but the idea of my death means that all my hopes and dreams come true and I am refreshed and alive ,more in spirit . This could mean we will have never been so happy, so alive and the mysteries reveiled . This can go as far as our imagination. To see the pearly gates and embrace my loveones, see Pal my dog and sofican my cat. Who doesn't want to wake up in Heaven?
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Right now the enphasema is serious and need to get rid of infection in my lungs. The infection has gone on for a good eight weeks now,I am seeing the Dr wed to have him tell me about the exray . I am seeing a throat specialist , a cariolovascular Dr., and a pholmonary Dr. , they all working on my behalf. I may come out better than ever and have years ahead of me. Still I welcome death when it comes. I had surgery three times on my throat and they may go back again . The pollops were not cancerous , that was three years ago.<br />
Thank you for your comment on my peice. You are so wonderful to comment and care as you do. Your a good friend , one htat doesn't come along often in life. You are like royalty to me. I am reading your comments now ..hugs

Ah Nahdi!<br />
That is so exquisitely beautiful... a true demonstration of faith in its best and most positive aspect!<br />
There are so many things to do before death... making amends to anyone if there are memories of errors or rifts that need healing... saying thank you's, I love you's and good byes, setting the practicalities in order. Getting a solicitor to help with an Advance Health Directive, trying to accomplish as many of the remaining goals as possible.<br />
But you haven't said what you are dying off.<br />
Do you have pain?<br />
Do you have the assistance you need?