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I have this fantastic idea that has been brewing and growing into my head since i was a little girl. As a child i use to think to myself..." how can they call this life?" I was hopelessly lost in this world and in this life. I wanted to be reborn into the popular rich all american girl. I could not understand why i had to be born me and all the pain that life brings. This idea has been brewing and it is opening up slowly. I have the plans of a great book/movie. It is about death, science, the end of the world, souls and reincarnation. I am planning on taking a writing course. I read books all the time and i hope that it will help in my writing. I have a lot of research to gather. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
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How is your book coming along and do you have a cast of characters yet such as some romantic hero or noble ones or some- not-so-nobleones too maybe.

Thank you Sir. I am reading The passage by Justin Cronin. It is so interesting. I love his writing and ideas so much. I am going to take a course first. I have some characters forming. I know i need to write down ideas that occur to me or get a recorder..... this is all new to me so..... Thank you so much for your words of encouragement:)

Hello,mam, i have read your story and i think you have creative potential as a story writer. Have you thought about certain types of characters yet?I look forward to reading some of your fictional work .Anyway, the idea of a new world after the old world ceases to exist seems like a good start.Keep at it ,mam.