Creating The Ultimate Dragon Sculpture

For years since i started working as a sculptor , i have had one major goal in mind , which was to create the most impressive and ornate dragon sculpture that i am able to invent.Over the years i have built quite a few dragons but none of them ,impressive as they are, tend to quite reach what i am looking for in terms of originality and novel design. The new piece that i design and build will need to have two heads or maybe even three heads to be impressive enough in design to please the critics . Also, the heads of this creature should be very impressive with sharp wedge shaped jaws and muzzles and long triangular horns that slope way back on the head. I aren't built the piece yet because to commit myself now would not work because we need time for smaller and more sailable pieces for our shows.Still, i will build the creature and have loads of scales and plates all over the heads,necks, and torso of the creature. As for wings ,of course he will have them,large leathery bat -like wings with folds in the wing membranes and fine scales all over the wing surface ranging in colours from violets to purples to reds to golds.I'll even throw in some blue tones,maybe.As for plates,he'll have them,without a doubt.
RedEyesBlackDragon RedEyesBlackDragon
51-55, M
Oct 1, 2013