A good movie
Followed by a great smoothie
Right brain takes over
Left brain ceases and rolls over

Watching a romantic scary thriller
Every scene getting better and better
I sit back and let my feelings take over
While the climax is getting closer

His one and only true love
Whome was eventually killed and sent to the stars above
he never got over it
Sometimes not able to emotionally control it

Till he met a woman named Amelia
Reminding him of his past senorita
They adored one another
He was quite the charmer

He kissed her cold lips
She seemed to be his only fix
Eventually her intentions came to light
She wanted him to join her in the light

He was slightly confused
Didn't know what to do
She remined him so much of his ex
And didn't want to have another next

She even wore the same bracelet his ex had
He new this girl had to be his other half
He decided to move on with her to the next phase
Steped on the train tracks killing himself now in a grave

Love, a temporal fulfillment
Movie, temporal entertainment
But like a popular trend
it all comes to an end
Bach13 Bach13
26-30, M
Jul 7, 2014