Media Ethics Platform

A publishing company that has been in business for a long time should be your first choice. In many cases, companies that are not reliable will just be established to spread false information or defame someone. Once it is done with distributing information, it will not be updated again. In addition, the government of Turkey keeps check on what happens in internet and Turkey daily news being provided. If the credibility of the information is questionable, a blog or website publishing the information shall be disbanded. A company that has been in the business for long will also have a physical address.

A company that is ethically correct will also be accredited by various journalism associations. Such a company will have a good rating at the Media Ethics Platform. If a media house is accredited, it means that it has pleased media associations with its commitment at the ethical code. The Media Ethics Platform was established to strengthen journalist code of ethics for Turkey news online. If a company is a member of this platform, you can be assured that whatever information, such as Turkey politics, you are being offered can be relied upon. The platform does not accredit anonymous journalists whose whereabouts cannot be traced.

You can view reviews and testimonials about a certain publishing to determine whether it is credible. Companies whose reputation is well known will get reviews and testimonials from its readers and followers. This information will come from genuine people who are not paid to offer it. Furthermore, if such a good company posts Turkey headlines at its website, you will be surprised about the comments that it will receive. This means that a lot of people are willing to participate in the undertaking of such a publishing company.
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Oct 22, 2013