This is first time here I m writing anything, before this I never felt need to write it.

However Now I need to write it to show my appreciation to my ex sub. This is just token or gift from me to her for serving me.

She is wonderful person and she was outstanding sub I ever had. Within first few weeks we became extremely close.  She trusted me, I trusted her. Our world was perfect.

Initially she was undisciplined, untrained but naturally submissive; I disciplined her with patience and care. After a while she became very much submissive. She treasured my life and eventually she became my part of life. There was not any day that we didn’t chat. We chat for hours. She fulfilled my all fantasies and I fulfilled hers. Eventually we fell in love with each other.

But every love story doesn’t has happy ending.

Something happened, some misunderstanding from both sides.

The fate stroked us and we parted our ways. I am not expecting her to come back to me.

For first weeks I was restless, stressed and literally messed up with all these incident for breaking up with her. I tried hard to get her back. But as we know trust is hard to gain, once it’s broken you can’t fix it.

I m happy that my loved one already found other dom and she is happy with him.

I m hoping that some day she will read it how much I appreciated her for being with me.

These were my last lines to her

Good Bye my love

Stay Happy and safe.

I have to let you go.

However she never replied anything. It remained incomplete.
urowner26 urowner26
26-30, M
Jul 24, 2014