Today eye went to go drop of unwanted cloths while it was snowing at one of those bins to drop of cloths to the needy. There as a homeless man there, so common sense said he should get it which he did. Than i went off on my merry way to get some of those flowers where for about 20.00 or so you can get enough to fill 2 vases to make both our kitchen and living room nice and cheiry. I was just about to pay for them when eye said to my self. What the hell am eye buying flowers simply for decoration purposes) when there's a homeless man across the street probably hungry. Long story short eye went back asked him what he wanted for lunch Which was a medium roast beef coffee and a soda. When i was in there, eye figured as long as i was gonna pay around 20.00 or flowers 3 stores down i might as well spend the around the same for him. Wound up getting what he wanted plus chips a couple of deserts and one of those small hand sanatizers that needs no water. It came to a little over 16.00. With the remaining 3 bills i bought 3 scratch offs hoping my good deed would pay off. Well you know what 1/2 ay back i came to the realazation that eye didn't to this for perhaps profit. i did it simply cause it was the right thing to do. So he got the 3 scratch off's and the change left over to scratch it with. Let me me tell you i have done just about every drug there is to achieve a high. But nothing even compared to the high i had till i told my girlfriend at dinner. When she called me a Idiot for giving him 3 scratch offs. Between you and me, i also gave him my business card knowing he probably couldn't cash it in. If he happened to win big, having no proof of residence
6multyperson 6multyperson
56-60, M
Mar 21, 2015